Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Frictionary # 700

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

6526. If you're the kind of person who is scared and courageous at the same time, you might end up doing big things. (David Carr) 

6527. Modesty is the slipcover for talent. (Aurélien Scholl)

6528. It's all right to sit on your pity pot every now and then. Just be sure to flush when you are finished. (Debbie Macomber)

6529. Chauvinism: Other people's pride. (Michel Lauzière)

6530. Did you know 
that darkness is flat?
Just look at your shadow. (Positively Wyrde)

6531. Truth was time's only daughter. (Leonardo da Vinci)

6532. I love you is the inscription on Pandora's box. (Mason Cooley)

6533. Lately, common sense is simply not common enough. (Réjean Lévesque)

6534. In the binary system we count on our fists instead of our fingers. (?)

6535. To look "far" is to look "early". (Hubert Reeves*)
* Astrophysicist. [The starlight we see now originated a long time ago.]

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