Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Frictionary # 439

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

4306. The reason why so little is done is generally because so little is attempted. (Samuel Smiles)

4307. Spent the evening putting together Ikea furniture.  I need to learn how to swear in Swedish. (Benjamin Wallace)

4308. Hope is the privilege of losers. (Jean Van Hamme)

4309. A lot of people cry when they cut onions.  The trick is not to form an emotional bond. (newfylover1)

4310. Almost always it is the fear of being ourselves that brings us to the mirror. (Antonio Porchia)

4311. Courage is fire, bullying is smoke. (Benjamin Disraeli)

4312. Time is the alembic that turns what we know into mystery. (Anne Michaels)

4313. Muslims do not have piggy banks. (Redouanne Harjane)

4314. I do not know which makes a man more conservative - to know nothing but the present, or nothing but the past. (John Meynard Keynes)

4315. A sigh just isn't a sigh.  We inhale the world and breathe out meaning.  While we can.  While we can. (Salman Rushdie)

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