Sunday, November 29, 2015

The frictionary #610

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

5626. You can only be afraid of what you think you know. (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

5627. The "difficult" is that which can be done immediately; the "impossible" that which takes a little longer. (George Santayana)

5628. The journalist is fundamentally a specialist in ignorance. (Gilles Gougeon)

5629. The poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the single wish to be married, and the married wish to be dead. (Ann Landers)

5630. My favorite way of remembering is to forget. (Elaine Equi)

5631. Memories are like lights, they shimmer even better when they are distant. (Paul Guimard)

5632. Hatred is an affair of the heart, contempt that of the head. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

5633. Life
is the skin
of memory. (Positively Wyrde)

5634. God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces. (?)

5635. The world is full of marvels, especially if you are ignorant. (Réjean Lévesque)

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