Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Frictionary #670

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

6216. Memory marks the horizon of our consciousness, imagination its zenith. (Amos Bronson Alcott)

6217. E-mail is maybe 10% pleasure and 90% fear of missing out. (Larry Rosen)

6218. Success is 99 percent failure. (Soichiro Honda)

6219. There is nothing more provocative than kindness. Than being nice. It attacks those who lack it. (Stéphane Laporte)

6220. Golf is played by twenty million mature American men whose wives think they are out having fun. (Jim Bishop)

6221. Rumour: the oldest media in the world. (Jean-François Revel)

6222. There has to be a past before the past, and you keep going back in time until you get to I don't know, and that's what God is. (Margaret Atwood)

6223. You can't say the truth on TV; there are too many people watching. (Coluche)

6224. Memories for sale.
Only used once. (Nowhere Man)

6225. If what you have to say is less beautiful than silence then shut up. (Arab proverb)

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