Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Frictionary # 183

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

1736. Worry is a misuse of imagination. (Dan Zadra)

1737. The truth is out there but the lies are in your head. (Terry Pratchett)

1738. We only love the women we make happy. (Marcel Achard)

1739. Everyone wants to live long, but no one wants to be called old. (Icelandic proverb)

1740. An empty man is full of himself. (Edward Abbey)

1741. This sentence may be pregnant, it missed its period (Tom Robbins)

1742. All syllogisms have three parts; therefore, this is not a syllogism. (?)

1743. Aging is a non-curable disease. (Seneca)

1744. Love is shared whereas passion is lived alone. (Brigitte Rouan)

1745. All men are created equal. All women are created superior. (Cathy Guisewite)

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