Sunday, August 05, 2018

The Frictionary # 747

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

7006. If you take away uncertainty, you take away motivation. (Pete Athans)

7007. Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest. (Isaac Asimov)

7008. The future, at every moment, urges the present to become a memory. (Louis Aragon)

7009. Aerobic reading: moving your lips while you read. (Milton Berle)

7010. A friend is someone who has the same enemies as us. (Albert Brie)

7011. I'm surprised the Great Wall of China has lasted this long, being that it was "made in China". (Eric Kopecky)

7012. Shadows from the blinds
Leave bars on your naked skin
Let me set you free. (Michael Anthony Butler)

7013. God: Nobel prize for War. (Jean Cabut)

7014. Middle age is when we can do as much as ever - but would rather not. (?)

7015. Proverbs: short sentences drawn from long experience. (Miguel de Cervantes)

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