Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Frictionary # 311

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

3026. Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people. (David Sarnoff)

3027. "The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know for sure if they are genuine." Abraham Lincoln. (?)

3028. Too many trials wear out freedom, too many proofs wear out truth. (Vincent Cespedes)

3029. Eternity - waste of time. (Natalie Clifford Barney)

3030. I think religion for many people is some sort of moral viagra. (Daniel Dennett)

3031. A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. (Edward R. Murrow)

3032. So many programs to tell us how to cook, so few to teach us how to do the dishes. (Yves Pelletier)

3033. No one wants to quit when he's losing and no one wants to quit when he's winning.* (Richard Petty)
*Why are there so many quitters then?

3034. Morality is what's left of fear once it has been forgotten. (Jean Rostand)

3035. A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths. (Steven Wright)

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