Sunday, November 20, 2005

More quotations from The Frictionary

Here is another batch of quotations from The Frictionary:

386. Writers who can't write are read by readers who can't read. (Piet Hein)

387. Why is it that, little children being so intelligent, men are so stupid. It must be because of education. (Alexandre Dumas)

388. Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. (Timothy Leary)

389. Egotist, n. A person of low taste, more interested in himself than in me. (Ambrose Bierce)

390. Hell is paved with Good Samaritans. (William H. Holden)

391. Parents (...) are the last to know that their children are not children anymore. (Pierre Foglia)

392. Use your head, it's the little things that count. (?)

393. Even paranoids have real enemies. (Delmore Schwartz)

394. Retired is being tired twice. (Richard Armour)

395. Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed. (Michael Pritchard)

That's all for today. Until next time, be happy!


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This is a test.


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