Sunday, February 12, 2006

More from The Frictionary

Here is another page from The Frictionary:

506. Fidelity, putting all your eggs in one bastard. (Dorothy Parker)

507. A dictionary is all the universe in alphabetical order. (Anatole France)

508. Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. (H.L. Mencken)

509. There are only two kinds of music - good and bad. (George Martin)

510. I believe love is primarily a choice and only sometimes a feeling. If you want to feel love, choose to love and be patient. (Gordon Atkinson)

511. The only argument against immortality is boredom. (E.M. Cioran)

512. Perennial: a plant that, had it lived, would have grown back year after year. (Rebecca M. Plank)

513. The prophet is the man who remembers the future. (Frédéric Rossif)

514. Theater is life, film is art, television is furniture. (?)

515. An apple a day makes 365 apples a year. (Tom Weller)

The Grammys ceremony was held on February 8 and, like so many other similar award-giving rituals left out a lot of deserving artists. My favorite quote is by Les Paul, the 90-year-old guitar legend, who acknowledged his awards from his hospital bed and said, "I'm so happy about the Grammys. I feel like a condemned building with a new flagpole on it. "

That's all for this week. Peace and Love.


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