Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Frictionary # 322

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

3136. Successful crimes alone are justified. (John Dryden)

3137. The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. (Abe Lemons)

3138. Woman is the only mammal in the creation who, when coupling, is able to worry. (Pierre Foglia)

3139. "Gods" are like fingerprints - every person who believes in "God" has his or her own version of God. (Erich Vieth)

3140. Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. (Margaret Thatcher)

3141. I'd rather do nothing but do it well. (Bruno Blanchet)

3142. Remember that as a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you. (Fran Lebowitz)

3143. We've had bad luck with our kids....they've all grown up. (Christopher Morley)

3144. Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur. [Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound.] (?)

3145. Does God exist? God only knows. (Jean d'Ormesson)

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At 11:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention.


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