Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Frictionary # 342

Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:

3336. Life is a tough proposition and the first hundred years are the hardest. (Wilson Mizner)

3337. In Hell, the Devil is God. (Joshi Kedar)

3338. A floor is a wall that doesn't stand up straight (...), he lets people walk all over him. (André Sauvé)

3339. If high heels were so wonderful, men would be wearing them. (Sue Grafton)

3340. Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. (Terry Pratchett)

3341. Common sense is like a muscle, the less you use it the more it atrophies. (Réjean Lévesque)

3342. Seventy years or so on Earth, with unclear instructions and bad advice; infinity years in Hell for making the wrong decisions. (Sean Carroll)

3343. It is not truth that comes out of the mouth of children, it is lies. Truth has only one mouth, it is anger. (Paul Morand)

3344. My greatest fear is making pee pee when I sleep. A Bat. (?)

3345. There is nothing new except what has been forgotten. (Marie-Antoinette)

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